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About us

NPO DIOD is a group of companies operating in an electronic industry . We implement a complex equipment of the enterprises at each stage of production. From the moment the task was set, we control the entire process by our team of experts, from a carefully calibrated plan to impeccable implementation.

Our mission is to support the smooth production of our partners. We offer optimal prices and delivery terms.

The basis of our business is an analysis of international standards of quality of goods and services. We look at the world leaders in our field and just do better. Let's look at the production with new, high quality, side!


NPO DIOD daily expands horizons. We ready to offer five areas of our business. There employs highly qualified specialists capable of solving your needs in the shortest possible time.


In this direction we investigate the processes directly related to the soldering of electronic components on BGA. Our chemists study the compositions of a variety of soldering tools. We offer the speed and security of production, but also the durability of your end products, made by our materials.


Direction of activity of our company in which we offer selection and supply of Electronic Component Base (ECB) for your products, components of both domestic and imported. In addition, we develop our own design center for the development of semiconductor products.



It  is a pride of our company. Team gathered from highly skilled professionals in engineering. They are able to design all of your production from a clean sheet of paper to the technologically advanced departments in which every detail has its place, and the optimization of the working process will be at the maximum possible level.


DIOD SCIENTIFIC is the research direction in which we study production processes from the point of view of innovation. Innovations always make our lives easier and make the production more profitable. That is why the company educates and supports young scientists.



Is the trading direction of our company. Here we sell our products and products of our partners. We are glad to offer you the best products of world brands, which we use ourselves, which we are sure. Fair pricing and a huge range have been able to appreciate thousands of customers.


We work with many companies. We sell soldering materials from SuperiorFlux being the exclusive distributors in Russia. We cooperate with Weller in Germany, thanks to which our customers have the world-famous soldering equipment. We supply quality floor coating designed for industrial production, cleanrooms and medical facilities by ARTIGO company. Anti-static equipment that we offer on the Russian market, made by the best world producers.


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Realizing the need and importance of collaboration, we invite interested companies to cooperate in this very promising and capacious segment of the market. We ready to work with companies from all countries and seek to do everything to build mutually beneficial and long term cooperation.

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